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This is a photo of the VA4PA delegation that attended the February 6 advocacy day in Richmond, VA. The team is wearing green VA4PA t-shirts.

The team

VA4PA was co-founded by a group of PANS/PANDAS parents who, in their deepest grief, were stunned by the profound lack of medical understanding and awareness of the illness affecting their chronically ill children, compounded by the systemic moral failure of private insurance to cover critical, doctor-prescribed testing and treatment. Together, they committed to fight these injustices and formed VA4PA. Since then, hundreds of parents, patients and families throughout the state, across the US and abroad have joined our cause.


VA4PA's co-founders--Daniela SS, Angie G, Teresa C, Krissie N, Erin R, Renee G and Jason S--extend our profound thanks for the guidance of our fellow PANS/PANDAS parents in other states that have passed, introduced or are considering similar legislation, and to the medical pioneers and advocacy organizations that are fighting on our behalf every day to advance awareness, research and treatment for this devastating illness. 

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